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Run 5km anytime over Halloween weekend

30th October - 2ndNovember


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Welcome to The Truffle Shuffle,

This year has been beyond bizarre and unfortunately although we can`t invite you to join us here in Montone we can still ensure you spend time making memories wherever you are. 

The Truffle Shuffle is a going VIRTUAL. This virtual race is designed to remind us all to take time to spend in nature with friends and family making memories TOGETHER (in groups of 6 Max... LOL)




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The Truffle Shuffle is going VIRTUAL this year. BUT why choose the TS20 as your virtual event? 

Run the event anytime over Halloween weekend. Thats 30th October to 2nd November.

Submit your distance via strava or other running apps and receive your bling in the post.

Our only request is you ping us a picture of you with your friend or family completing the distance. 

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The Truffle Shuffle is a 5km run you complete at your local park or anywhere you can access nature.

A fun event for competitive individuals and

families alike. Its not about times though it is about spending time with friends and family making memories. BUT, if you do want to clock up a PB you have the chance to submit your time and we will produce a leader board for those that want to compete. 


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30th Oct - 2nd Nov 2020 

The Shuffle starts... The party starts

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No need... You complete the event in wherever you want.

Thats the beauty of a virtual event.

No waiting in lines or spending time travelling to the event!





None required. 









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